Why With Me

The Reasons To Do The IDC in Pattaya With Me:

  • Reasons For IDC In PattayaI am in Thailand for over six years now on permanent basis, so I am available all the time
  • Because I am staffing IDC every month, I do have the experience and proven teaching methods
  • Up to this time I taught over 70 instructor candidates during 10 IDCs and over 800 students taking other PADI courses from all around the world
  • On IE (Instructor Examination) and during entire IDC I can provide you with translation, so you can learn and take your exams in your native tongue
  • The dive center I work with – Mermaids 5* CDC – is the only one in Thailand with two full-time employed Platinum (highest possible level) Course Directors
  • If you need accommodation for the time you stay in Pattaya, I can help you with it

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