Visa Information

Important Visa Information:

Dear student / candidate, it is very important for you to understand the visa procedure in Thailand. Many times the visitors misunderstand the rules and it can cause unnecessary problems and expenses. To avoid that I would like to explain to you in few points the important points:

  • VisaThe best thing is to don’t be lazy and visit the Thai embassy in your home country. Apply for a tourist visa with double or triple entry depending on the planed length of your stay. On this way when you arrive you will get 60 days of allowed non-stop stay in the country. !!! The visa is valid 90 days but this indicates only the time period within you can use your visa. It’s not the length of stay !!!
  • If you don’t do the step from the point above then you will get a visa on arrival and with this depending on the country you are from you will get between  two weeks and one month of stay. So if you want to stay longer don’t do that.
  • If you overstay the time without visiting the immigration office to ask for short extension and they catch you, you may finish with high penalty, deportation and note in your passport: “persona non grata” for the next 5 years. If you are lucky and manage to the airport then you will pay there a fine of 500 THB for each day you overstayed. It’s not worth it!

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