Pattaya Night LifeThe Night Life:

Probably you heard about it already because this is what this place is famous for. Next to the nice beaches and dive sites you will find the extreme nightlife on Walking Street. Pattaya never sleeps. Off course if you want to rest you can do it undisturbed too. I don’t want to write here an full guide about that, if you just simple search in Google, you will find a lot of information.

Flight Of The GibbonOther activities:

The choices are limitless. After and only after diving 🙂 you can enjoy activities like golf, bungee jump, flight from tree to tree in the jungle, zoos, snake show, elephant riding, visit in temple and sanctuary, shooting range, go-karts, great see-food restaurants and many more or just chill-out on the beach in Pattaya or one of the nearby islands.

Pattaya Baht BusTraveling – Taxis:

Whenever you take a ride with a taxi, make sure that the driver switches on the taximeter or make sure in written form (it means: scratch the numbers on a piece of paper) the amount you agree on for the ride. Most of the times in Pattaya you will use Song Tao or how we name it: Baht Bus. They travel on the same route and you can jump on and off them anywhere. Within Jomtien or within Pattaya you will pay 10 Baht and 20 Baht from one place to another. If they ask you where are you going, the just say: forward or jump of it because the driver want to become private driver for more money. The next one will come very soon.

Thai Food On The StreetHealth & Hygiene:

Don’t drink water from tap, but you can use it to brush your teeth. The restaurants are clean (as generally Thai people are), so you can eat anywhere. The food sellers on the road are also OK. You can say that the risk of a bad stomach is no worst than in your home country.

The Thai food is very delicious and doesn’t have to be spicy at all. Just ask for mild version. I love it!


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