International Clean Up Day 2011 in Pattaya

Short Summary 

Beach Clean UpOn 17th September the 4th International Clean Up Day was organized in Pattaya, Thailand. 351 persons participated on that event plus the staff of Mermaids CDC. There was 8 boats running out from the pier in the morning.

After one hour we reached the south side of Koh Sak Island which is one of the very popular turist destinations and belongs to the group of the Near Islands. Because of its popularity and the traffic a big amount of trash was expected.

The clean up was very well-organized. Part of participants went to the beach to collect the trash and clean the beach while others is scuba gear dived down to the corals to free them from the garbage. After a launch break the procedure was repeated with really big success. The exact numbers will be published soon, but the first estimations is above 1 ton of garbage collected.

The most common item found under water was the energy drink’s (M150) glass bottle. Of course many other items like clots, sandals, electric wires, plastic plates, plastic bags and others were found too.

The locations map with cleaned are marked on it is on the photo below. I did also load up some pictures from that great day. You can find them at the bottom of this page.

Koh Sak Map

The Photos:

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