DOs and DON’Ts

A Bit Of Advise For Your Stay In Pattaya:

Whenever you come to learn here and do your IDC Pattaya Thailand, you will realize, that you are in a totally different environment. Thailand is having its own rules same as you have them in your home country. To avoid problems I would like to give you some advise for your stay in Pattaya, Thailand.

First have a look at longer list of DON’Ts :

  • Don't do it in Pattaya ThailandDon’t spit on a coin if you find one for luck. The Kings picture is on it, so treat it with respect. That rule applies to every coin and banknote for the same reason
  • Never talk about royal family and politics especially in bad way but the best is to avoid it at all
  • Don’t touch the head of Thai people. It’s not polite and offensive
  • Don’t point your feet toward them. It’s a sign of aggression
  • Don’t wear gold chains and bracelets. This is very provocative because the value of it may exceed six month salary of a Thai person. If you don’t want to be a victim a chain snatch, remember that
  • Don’t carry excessive amount of money with you. Same reason as by gold

Now the DOs:Do it in Pattaya Thailand

  • Leave your passport in safety box
  • Leave your air ticket in the safety box
  • Leave your money and gold in the safety box
  • Respect Thai culture and their ways. Don’t forget, you are a guest here
  • Carry a good quality color photocopy of your passport


  • If you want to rent a motorbike or car always check for the insurance and that the government tax is paid on it. Check for scratches and damages on it – take photos with date and time. Ask me about the companies where is safe to rent. You will be asked for deposit. Never leave your passport by them
  • Generally it’s better to don’t rent jet-skies but if you really want one please ask me about where to rent before. The scams are very popular and you may finish with paying big amounts for the damages you didn’t cause

Here you can watch a video about the jet ski scam:

For more detailed information or with your questions contact me.

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